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Title: Siren Song by Kathryn Kramer

Tags: Western,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: December 2 1989
Genre: ,
Pages: 403

Colorado Territory - 1871: Boston-bred gentleman Alexander Nicholson had come to Central City in search of a new life. In his three-piece suit he looked just as handsome as he had when he had wooed the pretty banker’s daughter visiting with her father in Boston. Little did he know, however, that his aristocratic appearance and bowler hat would set him up as a target for a group of troublemakers when the stagecoach broke an axle. Like three tomcats spoiling for a fight they got off their horses and circled Alex.

Samantha Claybourne had been raised by her prospector grandfather since the death of her parents when she was just a child. She knew how to survive in the mountains, knew about mining, could ride, shoot straight, hunt and fish. She didn’t know the first thing about men but that didn’t keep her from becoming Alex’s salvation when she saved him from the clutches of Cy Tyburn and his group of bullies. Shooting at Alex’s feet to make him dance, then using his hat for target practice they had him at their mercy until Samantha came upon the scene and frightened them off.

Alex was intrigued and enchanted by the pretty young woman with red-gold hair and a hundred stories to tell. He admired her honesty and free spirit. Samantha was equally taken with him. The problem was Alex had come west to marry his fiancée, the banker’s daughter, whose father was Samantha’s sworn enemy. If only they had met in another place or at another time….

It seemed to be the end of the story, but instead it is just the beginning. Alex is forced to make choices when his soon-to-be father-in-law conspires to drive Samantha off her land so that he can steal the Siren Song mine. As for Sam, she soon learns that fighting for what is right and being true to yourself is what makes a real lady—one who can win Alex’s heart.

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