Silver and Sapphires by Shelly Thacker

Title: Silver and Sapphires by Shelly Thacker
Series: The D'Avenant Brothers #1

Tags: Royal Heroines,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: February 1 1993
Pages: 376

She is Princess Ashiana -- English by birth, she must prove her loyalty by reclaiming the ancient sapphire stolen from the sacred shrine. Posing as a slave girl, she seizes her opportunity with the man who now wears the jewel around his neck. He is Saxon D'Avenant, English captain and smuggler on a mission of his own: to reunite his single sapphire with the other eight in order to lift the curse that plagues his family.

They meet as adversaries--he, the powerfully sensual master who will use her for his own pleasure; she, the beautiful blue-eyed slave whose lascivious loveliness masks a dark deception. Yet in that mirrored paradise of silk and seduction, their hearts swell to the merciless call of awakened desire--carrying them helplessly into the dangerous, unchartered waters of love's most passionate adventure.

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