Heart’s Folly (Venus) by Jane Feather


Nicholas, Lord Kincaid, had finally found a weapon to use against his archrival, the powerful Duke of Buckingham--Polly Wyat, the beautiful tavern wench Nick had rescued from the London slums. Little did he suspect that this urchin would so thoroughly complicate his life!

An irrepressible actress, both onstage and off, Polly played the role of a lifetime when Nick established her in their own cozy love nest, then set her to entrap his enemy. But as the duke grew suspicious, Polly's passion for the devilishly charming Nick surpassed her willingness to continue the dangerous ploy. And when the duke's cruel revenge threatened their very survival, Nick's fury matched his determination to win forever the leading lady who had so completely captured his heart

Virtue by Jane Feather

They called it their "double act." And in Europe's most exclusive gaming halls, Judith Davenport and her brother, Sebastian, used the technique to dupe unwary noblemen out of their pocket money. First, Judith lured them to the card tables with her ravishing smile. Then, employing her fan in an elaborate code, she made sure that Sebastian's luck never ran out. It was a dangerous game played in preparation for one desperate purpose: to avenge their father's tragic death.

But the Davenports never bargained for the penetrating scrutiny of a certain strikingly handsome lord who had come to see for himself the woman who had all of Brussels at her feet, including his besotted nephew. Marcus Devlin, the honorable marquis of Carrington, wasn't fooled for an instant by Judith's air of innocence—or by her flirtatious way with a fan. Instead he was amused, infuriated, and intrigued enough to draw the bewitching schemer into a daring gamble of his own . . . where the stakes were nothing less than the lady's heart.

Vixen by Jane Feather

Saddled with Chloe Gresham, his beautiful and irresponsible young ward, Sir Hugo Lattimer, a man driven by dark memories and a tormenting despair, has no intention of caring for her--until he falls in love.