Donovan’s Bed by Debra Mullins

A buckboard rolls through town carrying Jack Donovan's extraordinary new bed: beautifully ornate and big enough for an entire family--or one hot-blooded woman And lovely Sarah Calhoun is exactly the woman Donovan has in mind. The persistent newspaper editor just won't leave him alone, and the best way he knows to shut her sassy with his own. But Donovan makes it perfectly clear that Sarah's far too independent to be included on his list of prospective wives. All he wants from her is a good time--though he promises it will be a "very" good time Sarah is determined to uncover Donovan's secret past, but every time she goes near the man, her ridiculous attraction to him takes over. So after his insulting offer, she retaliates by publicizing his search for a wife--and soon Donovan's flooded with lusty widows, lovestruck teens, and lonely spinsters...he can't turn around without tripping over another would-be bride But when the dust settles, will Sarah have won their battle of the sexes--or lost her only chance at true love.