The Champion by Shey Stahl

A powerful love story of tragedy, love, and commitment.
The fourth book in the Racing on the Edge series submerges you in the lifestyle of a champion of a sport that dominates America.
Through smoke and methanol, you learn the good, the bad, and the secrets no one wants you to know.
Jameson Riley, a NASCAR champion, has created a life for himself and his expanding family but is it what he thought it would be? In a sport where you are allowed one angle, one image and everything you say and do, on or off the track, must fit in that angle, it's hard to know how to be the champion they want. He once again, has to draw a line between love and racing.
Through shuffling cars and heaving exhaust, shadows lurk in every turn and threaten Jameson's victory in his race for himself while Sway, his new wife, through her own battles within the spotlight, keeps their pit stand strong and ready for anything this life might throw at them.