A Time To Love Again by Flora Speer

When India Baldwin went into work one Saturday to update her computer skills, she had no idea she would end up backdating herself! But one slip on the keyboard and the lovely young widow was transported back to the time of Charlemagne --- and right in the middle of a battlefield.
Forced to take refuge with the virile Theuderic of Metz, India was at first put off by the arrogant warrior's overbearing views --- and his insistence that she share his bedroll. There was no way a modern-day career woman could adjust to life in such a barbaric age. But before she knew it, India found herself merrily munching on boar and quaffing ale, holding her own during their dangerous journey, and yearning for the nights when Theu's masterful touch left her wondering if she ever wanted to return to her own time.

A Love Beyond Time by Flora Speer

The Man from the Heavens

Accidentally thrust back to the eighth century by a computer genius' time-travel program, Mike Bailey fell from the sky and landed near Charlemagne's camp. Knocked senseless by the crash, he couldn't remember his name, address, or occupation, but no shock could make his body forget how to respond when he awoke to the sight of an enchanting angel on earth.

Angel on Earth

Headstrong and innocent, Danise was already eighteen and almost considered an old maid by the Frankish nobles who courted her. Yet the stubborn beauty chose to risk spending her life cloistered in a nunnery rather than marry for any reason besides love. Unexpectedly mesmerized by the stranger she discovered unconscious in the forest, Danise was quickly roused by an all-consuming passion—and a desire that would conquer time itself.