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Title: Secret Vows by Mary Reed McCall

Tags: England-Plantagenets Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: September 1 2001
Pages: 375

A Secret Passion

Forced to wed against her will, Catherine of Somerset must be strong as she exchanges vows with the man she is sworn to destroy. It is not fear that causes the proud lady to tremble as she stands before her soon-to-be spouse, Baron Grayson de Camville, but her unforeseen desire for this powerful, yet gentle, knight -- a fevered wanting that she cannot deny.


Punishment awaits Catherine should she fail, yet how can she betray this handsome stranger -- her husband, honorable and true -- who, with soft words and soul-shattering kisses, has taken her heart willing prisoner ? There is no escaping the rapture of Gray's caress. The passionate hero she intended to deceive is the man she is destined to adore -- and no enemy's dark scheme will rob her of that ecstasy. For only by surrendering to love will Catherine and Gray truly be free.

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