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Title: Sea Flame by Katharine Kincaid

Tags: East Asia-Various Time Periods-Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 1989
Genre: ,

She wanted to get married...
Ever since her parents died, confident, headstrong Liddy Cole dreamed of having a happy, loving marriage like theirs. But when her greedy guardians tried to corner her into wedding a rich, old lecher, the exuberant beauty had no other choice than to sail off to Macao to live with a family friend. There she'd avoid clammy-palmed fortunehunters and find her own man...though she never counted on someone like arrogant Caleb Stone. The rugged, hard-muscled captain made her shiver with sensual anticipation and quake with outright fear—yet deep down inside Liddy knew she'd submit to the domineering male under whatever terms he demand!

He wanted to get even...
Determined Caleb Stone had spent his whole life slaving for what the upper class took for granted. So when he had a haughty, spoiled princess aboard his ship like aristocratic Liddy Cole, Caleb decided to punish her for all he'd endured. Her shimmering, long hair was so silken, her firm, small waist so slender, her tapering, coltish legs so nubile, the surly seaman simply had to humiliate her with desire. And when he saw Liddy standing naked beneath a frothy tropical waterfall, Caleb saw his chance for revenge and satisfaction...and never figured he'd be enchanted and inextricably bound by by captivating Sea Flame.

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