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Title: Scarlett Ribbons by Judith E. French

Tags: American-Revolution Era.

Published by: Avon
Release Date: August 1 1989

From 'RT's Historical Romance Lifetime Achievement Author' comes the struggle of a courageous woman to protect her home and young son Joshua amid the chaos of the American Revolutionary War, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Sarah has already survived a perilous journey across the Atlantic fleeing London's slums, being sold as a bondservant to a brutal colonial master, and a forced marriage to her rapist. Now, with her husband's mysterious disappearance, Sarah faces constant danger from both British troops and patriot supporters. She wants no part of the War For Independence and trusts no man. When dashing undercover Continental agent Forest Irons saves her from the unwanted attentions of a pack of deserters, she reluctantly accepts his plea for employment. Neither expects first friendship, and then desire to ignite between them. Forest suspects that Sarah has murdered her absent husband, and honor requires him to put his mission ahead of personal feelings. But his passion for the dark haired beauty grows and he attempts to win Sarah to the patriot cause. Slowly she learns to trust again, and her hope kindles that there may be a future for her and Joshua with Forest. And when her husband's Tory relatives threaten to seize both Sarah's home and son, she joins Forest on a desperate journey to supply food to Washington's starving soldiers at Valley Forge. Facing Hessian soldiers could mean their deaths, but the greatest danger to their love is Sarah's discovery of Forest's identity and betrayal.

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