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Title: Satin Surrender by Carol Finch

Tags: American-Antebellum Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: August 1 1986
Genre: ,
Pages: 507

Young and beautiful, Erica Bennet refused to obey her father's wishes and spend the rest of her life in an arranged marriage to the lecherous Sabin Keary. She had no knowledge of physical love, but she knew there was a man somewhere who could kindle her slumbering passions. She dreamt of warm embraces and tender kisses, of endless nights spent learning the joys of love. So she ran away, straight into the arms of her mystery lover, only to find the price of her girlish longings would be her own heart...

There could have been no greater surprise for Dante Fowler than to find the innocent Erica Bennet in his bed in the most fashionable whorehouse in New Orleans. He had come into the city expecting to find a woman of experience to sate his pent-up desires; instead he stole the innocence of the most magnificent creature he'd ever seen. Her long raven hair fell in silky waves around her shoulders; her deep blue eyes seemed to see through to his soul. And when she disappeared without a trace; he vowed to find her again. He would kiss her creamy flesh and forever make her succumb to Satin Surrender.

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