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Title: Reluctant Rebel by Joanna Makepeace

Tags: England-House of York Era,

Published by: Masquerade
Release Date: 1993
Pages: 256

In the aftermath of Richard III's death at Bosworth, Isabel Hatfield had to contend with the loss of her betrothed, the death of her mother from fever, and tried to rouse her father, Sir Edwin, from the lethargy of defeat and grief. Only the arrival of Sir Adam Westlake, asking succour for Lord Lovell, did that, much to Isabel's annoyance.
If she could accept the new world order, with henry VII firmly on the throne, why must everyone around her still wish to create unrest? To Isabel, Adam was the source of her troubles, but why, oddly, was he also her support and strength? Where would it all end?

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