Recklessly Yours by Allison Chase

Title: Recklessly Yours by Allison Chase
Series: Her Majesty's Secret Servants #3

Tags: Spy Heroines,

Published by: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: December 6 2011
Pages: 400

The Sutherland sisters lead ordinary lives—until their childhood friend, now Queen of England , seeks their assistance in matters requiring the utmost discretion. Then they must become...

Her Majesty's Secret Servants

Holly has always been the reckless Sutherland sister, the one most likely to hitch up her skirts and gallop astride a powerful stallion. Holly's affinity for horses leads Queen Victoria to enlist her help when a prized Thoroughbred colt disappears. To catch the horse thief, Holly must put on her best manners and mingle with Ascot racing society. But her encounters with the dashing Colin Ashworth, Earl of Drayton, threaten her mission. She's powerfully attracted to him, but uncertain she can trust him…

When Colin's father, the duke, left for an extended trip, Colin became responsible for the family's vast estates and the people who live on them. And when a series of calamities struck and were blamed on a centuries-old curse involving the colt, Colin was forced to act. Now, as Holly's growing suspicions threaten to expose the truth about the stolen horse, Colin's head tells him to distance himself. But with his heart, body, and soul all recklessly clamoring for Holly, he finds her impossible to resist...

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