Rebel by Heather Graham

Title: Rebel by Heather Graham
Series: Mackenzies Old Florida Civil War #3

Tags: Spy Heroes, Enemies To Lovers, Family Saga, American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Topaz
Release Date: March 1 1997
Pages: 419


Alaina McMann is stunned by the brazen sensuality of Union major Ian McKenzie. Suddenly she is in his arms, engulfed by desire. Her honor compromised, Alaina's options are either scandal or marriage--to a man who will soon be her bitter enemy.


As the Civil War turns brother against brother, Ian is ordered to capture the South's most notorious spy, the Moccasin. She is beautiful, deadly. And she is his wife. Duty demands she hang, yet Ian's heart demands another choice...a magnificent rebellious love that can destroy or save them both.

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