Raid by Kristen Ashley

Title: Raid by Kristen Ashley
Series: Unfinished Hero #3

Tags: Shy Heroines, Instant Love Connection, Redemption, Ugly Duckling,

Published by: Self Published
Release Date: February 25 2013
Pages: 282

Hanna Boudreaux has lived in the small town of Willow all her life. She’s sweet, cute and quiet.

Hanna has a moment of epiphany when she realizes her crush for forever, Raiden Ulysses Miller, is not ever going to be hers. She sees her life as narrow and decides to do something about it.

Raiden Miller is the town’s local hero. A former Marine with the medal to prove his hero status, he comes home, shrouded in mystery. It takes a while, but eventually Hanna catches his eye.

After all these years of Raid and Hanna living in the same town, the question is why? Is Raid interested in Hanna because she’s sweet and cute? Or does Raid have something else going on?

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