Proud Wolf’s Woman by Karen Kay

Title: Proud Wolf's Woman by Karen Kay
Series: Lakota #3

Tags: Native American Heroes,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: July 7 1996


Julia Wilson followed her destiny to the Platte River. Now she is an enslaved prisoner of the savage Kiowa. But salvation has come, riding tall and proud from out of Julia's past: a handsome Cheyenne brave who once stirred a girlish heart ...and now inflames a womanly passion.

Bitter and vengeful, Neeheeoweo came to the Kiowa for weapons to punish the Pawnee murderers who killed his wife and unborn child. Instead, his ponies and buffalo robes must buy freedom for a friend from days long past. Yet his wounded soul aches for more than friendship from this courageous beauty who calls him "Proud Wolf," though she endangers his mission with her lingering presence. For Julia's eyes shine with a healing forbidden promise of desire--tempting the Wolf to risk honor and life for the chance to know love again

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