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Title: Precious Passion by Elizabeth Doyle

Tags: Singer Heroes,

Published by: Zebra Splendor
Release Date: December 1 1999
Genre: ,
Pages: 379

Could she ever love a man...

To please her widowed mother and ward off spinsterhood, Aurora Black resigned herself to an arranged marriage. After all, she could hardly wed her one true love—the piano. But just as she found herself betrothed to a suitable bachelor, the soon-to-be-bride crossed paths with a stranger. One glance into his probing black eyes changed everything...even Aurora's fervent belief that only music could ever set her heart and soul on fire.

...As passionately as she loves her music?

Already bewitched by the raven-haired beauty, dashing Max Birmingham was stunned to learn that Aurora Black shared his impassioned devotion to song. The jaded aristocrat had long ago given up his secret longing for a musical career—and for a marriage based on love. Now the elusive Aurora rekindled both forbidden dreams...and aroused in Max a heartfelt yearning to transform their fleeting, stolen moments of passion into a lifetime of harmony.

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