Prairie Embrace by Rosanne Bittner

Title: Prairie Embrace by Rosanne Bittner

Tags: Native American Heroes,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: April 1 1987
Genre: ,
Pages: 475

As the hot sun sparked the fiery highlights of her auburn hair, all Katie Russell could see was the monotonous horizon of Southwest Nebraska. Then, out of the blue, she met the heated gaze of a bronze-skinned, jet-haired Indian and suddenly the dry, barren landscape was lifeless no more. Her flesh tingled with his nearness; her blood sang through her veins as he leaned even closer. The gorgeous pioneer reminded herself that he was a savage heathen and beneath her regard but deep inside she knew her fate was forever bound to his!

When the powerful Sioux warrior Tohave spotted the lone wagon trespassing on reservation land, he raised his lance and charged, intent on punishing the palefaces for invading his territory. But where he expected to see an ugly white-eyes, he found the creamy-skinned temptress who had haunted his dreams. He pulled her close so she wouldn't run away; he traced her lush curves to make sure she was real. Tohave hated her for coming West, but couldn't stop the swell of love that filled him with primitive passion, as he took her in his Prairie Embrace.

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