Pirate by Connie Mason

Title: Pirate by Connie Mason

Tags: Pirate Heroes, Blackmail,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: February 1 2005
Pages: 395

Devastated by love's betrayal, nearly destroyed by the assassin who took his eye and left him for dead, Guy De Young was reborn as a man with no name: a pirate. His stare was unforgettable; the brilliant gaze enchanted women and struck fear in the hearts of men. Determined to ruin those who kept him from freedom and his heart's only desire, the reckless marauder could have been the Devil himself but for the single gleaming silver eye that recalled his past life.

When his lost love, Bliss Grenville, fell into his clutches, the handsome buccaneer whisked her off to his island paradise, intent on revenge. But sometime during those endless tropical nights, his lust for vengeance became an uncontrollable desire for the woman herself. Though he had taken her captive, he would not be satisfied until she had freely given him her heart and soul.

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