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Title: Passion's Ransom by Betina Krahn

Tags: American-Revolution Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: August 1 2002
Pages: 447

Blythe Woolrich had flaming hair and a fiery temper, but she was nothing if not responsible. Singlehandedly, she ran Woolrich Mercantile, ad watched over her eccentric father, her crotchety grandmother and her virtue in a Revolutionary Philadelphia teeming with unsavory characters. There were some days when she dreamed of escaping it all...but not as the helpless hostage of a dashing rogue!

Virile pirate captain Raider Prescott had sailed into port to sell his booty and make a killing...and didn't discover that Blythe's family couldn't pay her ransom until after he'd abducted and spirited her aboard his ship. He didn't expect her to charm his crew and bewitch his senses, either. Now she wanted to turn him into a gentleman--and he wanted to set her on fire with love!

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