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Title: Passion's Bride by Jo Goodman

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: August 1 1984
Pages: 528

I am your prisoner," Alexis murmured bitterly when she found herself aboard an American naval vessel. But no man could hold her prisoner for long, not even the lean, green-eyed Captain Tanner Cloud whose slow, sensuous touch aroused a fire of passion within her. Alexis had vowed to kill the man who had destroyed her family. And then only then would she give herself up to the exquisite pleasure of Tanner's embrace.

"Don't make me love you," she whispered, and the steely look in her eyes warned Tanner not to take her words lightly, even while her supple body responded to his burning kisses. She had captured his soul with her heart-wrenching beauty and courage. But Tanner was a man used to having his own way. He would keep her prisoner rather than risk losing her and he would caress her tenderly savagely until she lost all thought of anything but becoming Passion's Bride!

Also published as The Captain's Lady

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