Outrageously Yours by Allison Chase

Title: Outrageously Yours by Allison Chase
Series: Her Majesty's Secret Servants #2

Tags: Spy Heroines,

Published by: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: December 7 2010
Pages: 384

The Sutherland sisters lead ordinary lives—until their childhood friend, now Queen of England, seeks their assistance in matters requiring the utmost discretion. Then they must become...

Her Majesty's Secret Servants

A rare stone gifted to Queen Victoria by her secret suitor, Albert of Saxe-Coburg, has been stolen, and possibly delivered into the hands of the Marquess of Harrow—a man whispered to be slightly mad. Her Majesty asks scholarly Ivy Sutherland to assume the role of science student "Ned Ivers," win the marquess's trust, and recover the stone before news of the theft ruins the royal courtship.

Since the death of his young wife, Simon de Burgh, Marquess of Harrow has dedicated himself to science. Finding an assistant whose intellect and passion match his own proves an unexpected boon, until he discovers that "Ned" is actually a woman. Simon is incensed...then intrigued. Unable to resist his growing desire for Ivy, which she undeniably returns, Simon knows he must end her charade before it leads to scandal. Instead, Ivy convinces Simon to work together to recover the stone...and unwittingly plunges them both into a more dangerous game. Now they're risking their lives...and their hearts...in a race to stop a sinister murderer before he kills again.

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