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Title: Oregon Bride by Rosanne Bittner
Series: The Brides #3

Tags: Wagon Train,

Published by: Warner Books
Release Date: June 1 1990
Genre: ,
Pages: 386


In a land of raw winds and merciless sun, Marybeth MacKinder was a quiet, raven-haired young widow traveling westward with her former husband's family and the memories of a loveless marriage. Here she was losing the battle to protect herself and her infant son from the brutish brother-in-law who was trying to claim her as his own. Then Joshua Rivers stood before her offering her a tenderness she had never felt. He was a man of the frontier, a man both tough and gentle, whose very touch gave her a thrill she had never known. As the wagon train pushed across a continent, Marybeth would see new horizons opening up before her and feel a passion-bred courage to face both danger and a new destiny. But the joy she felt in Joshua's arms would be threatened by savage jealousy -- and a bullet ... for the journey of her heart had just begun.

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