Of Noble Birth by Brenda Novak

Title: Of Noble Birth by Brenda Novak

Tags: Alpha Heroes, Pirate Heroes, Nautical,

Published by: HarperCollins
Release Date: December 1999
Genre: ,
Pages: 416

Furious at his aristocratic father for abandoning him as an infant, Nathaniel Kent spends his days exacting revenge…in a most lucrative way. The handsome, blue-eyed pirate captain attacks his father’s boats, plundering their cargo and reaping the rewards. When Nathaniel takes a lovely seamstress as his hostage, mistaking her for his spoiled and wealthy half sister, he feels elated over his clever capture. But his sense of triumph disappears as he slowly becomes tormented by his rising passion for the spirited young woman.

After years of abuse from her violent stepfather, seamstress Alexandra Cogsworth finally planned her escape. But she never intended to wind up as a hostage on a pirate ship. Determined to ensure her safe passage on the Royal Vengeance, she keeps her true identity secret, playing the part of Nathaniel’s blood relation. But as her desire for the charismatic yet dangerous Nathaniel grows, the rising current of their mutual longing could sweep them both away…forever.

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