My Lady, My Lord by Katherine Ashe

Title: My Lady, My Lord by Katherine Ashe
Series: Twist #1

Tags: Manwhore Heroes, Bookish Heroines, Angsty Romance,

Published by: Billet Doux Books
Release Date: March 10 2014
Pages: 317

Book #1 in a new series of historical romances... with a twist.

The Bluestocking
Lady Corinna Mowbray has three passions: excellent books, intelligent conversation, and disdaining the libertine Earl of Chance.

The Rake
Lord Ian Chance has three pleasures: beautiful women, fast horses, and tormenting high-and-mighty Corinna Mowbray.

Neighbors for years, they've been at each other's throats since they can remember. But when a twist of fate forces them to trade lives, how long will it be before they discover they cannot live without each other?

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