Move Heaven and Earth by Christina Dodd

Title: Move Heaven and Earth by Christina Dodd

Tags: Healer Heroines, Ghosts,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: August 1 1995
Pages: 385

Miss Sylvan Miles dreaded the moment she'd see Lord Rand Malkin again. Once a dashing rogue, he'd returned from a battle a changed man. Sylvan, too, has suffered. Sharpened by scandal and tragedy, she vows to heal Rand's body and spirit.

But when Sylvan arrives at Clairmont Court, the man she encounters is far from the shattered ex-soldier she expects. Rand takes great pleasure in taunting her with stolen kisses and the legend of his ancestor's ghost. But Sylvan isn't fooled by his bravado and sets out to break down his defenses ... while she fortifies her own against temptation ...

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