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Title: Moonlit Obsession by Jill Gregory

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: January 1 1987

A Beautiful Spy and an American Patriot -- Thrown Together in a Battle of Destiny and Love...

Electrifyingly beautiful, Anemone Carstairs had come to New Orleans as a British spy, placing her country before all else -- until she met Stephen Burke.

He was a powerful, devastatingly handsome agent of the new American nation, a man who captured Anemone's heart and swayed her resolve. Anemone knew she was being used in a game of international intrigue, but her passion was stronger than patriotism. She longed for Stephen's embrace -- craving his lips against her own, eager to feel his hands caressing her flesh.

Together they faced a tangled web of intrigue and danger, braving the rumblings of war and battling to preserve a love they could no longer deny...

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