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Title: Moonlight Surrender by Marie Ferrarella
Series: Moonlight 2 #3

Tags: France-French Revolution Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: June 1 1994

Had she left the safety of her home in Virginia, crossed the wild Atlantic - only to be stranded in England and beset by highwaymen? Stubborn, sensible Elizabeth Beaulieu was determined to reach Paris. Her aristocratic father had vanished into the turmoil of the French Revolution, and she wouldn't rest until she found him again...

Duncan Fitzhugh, rogue and ex-privateer, appeared out of the raging storm to rescue Elizabeth...and ended up wounded in the bargain. But the bastard son of an earl would recover to aid the sapphire-eyed beauty in a perilous quest that would sweep them from the safety of his country manor to the fiery heat of battle...where they would discover a passion that would set their hearts ablaze - and a love destined to triumph against impossible odds..

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