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Title: Moonlight and Shadow by Isolde Martyn

Tags: England-House of York Era,

Published by: Berkley Sensation
Release Date: December 2 2003
Pages: 457

England, 1483. Peace reigns, but old enmities are stirring once again as two great dukes set their sights on the crown. Amid the strife, Heloise, maid of honor to Richard of Gloucester's duchess, and Sir Miles Rushden, adviser to the Duke of Buckingham, are about to be ensnared, in both the deadly battle for the throne -- and love...

With her startling, silver hair and rumored second sight making her unmarriageable, Heloise has endured much at her family's cruel hands. But she suffers the ultimate humiliation when her father kidnaps Sir Miles Rushden and forces him to marry her at sword point. Sir Miles escapes, but Heloise is forced to seek him and throw herself at his mercy...lest she be cast out penniless.

The ambitious Rushden intends to join the powerful men behind the king--so be must have his secret marriage annulled. He never expects to see Heloise again. But when she sneaks into Buckingham's household, charming everyone, Rushden believes she has cast a spell over him...else why is he finding himself so drawn to his lovely young bride?

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