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Title: Marrying Jezebel by Hillary Fields

Tags: Guardian and Ward,

Published by: St. Martins Paperbacks
Release Date: October 15 2000
Pages: 368


A famed Egyptologist's niece, the beautiful, outrageous Jezebel Montclair has her future all planned out--and those plans don't include letting her arrogant, sinfully handsome new guardian boss her around. Determined to remain free, she refuses to leave Egypt and submit to the life of a staid, proper English lady. So when Rafe tracks her down in Cairo, despite her nearly uncontrollable attraction to him she knows she must escape, or risk the madness she's always feared.


From the sun-baked deserts of an ancient land to the ballrooms and bedrooms of Regency London, a battle of wits, wills and glorious passion ensues. Yet only when it is nearly too late will this pair of defiant lovers realize that when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, their only choice is surrender--body, heart, and soul. . .

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