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Title: Magic Embrace by Jennifer Horsman

Tags: Kidnapping,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: July 1 1989
Genre: ,
Pages: 448

When the infamous pirate Black Garrett learned his brother had been murdered because of a flirtatious chit, the surly rogue swore revenge. Tracking down the worthless wench, Garrett stole her aboard his vessel, planning to ruin her reputation and use her brutally. But as the enraged male rudely kissed her lips and roughly felt her curves, he was transformed by her innocent response. Cursing himself for caring, Black Garrett relentlessly pleasured his captive ... and swore she'd feel the lash of his fury the following night!

Bewildered and betrayed, sable-haired Juliet Stoddard had no idea why the terrifying buccaneer had kidnapped her, promising punishment worse than death. Although she had no experience with men, he seemed convinced she was a brazen hussy, and ignored her pleas for mercy. Then the blue-eyed beauty felt Black Garrett's hands where no one had ever touched before, and she nearly swooned with fear ... and desire. Hating the scoundrel, and herself even more, Juliet was powerless to escape this devil's sensual trance and wrest free of his Magic Embrace

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