Luck of the Draw by Gail Link

Title: Luck of the Draw by Gail Link

Tags: Gambler Heroes,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: February 28 2006
Pages: 339

"Life's like a good card game-never let them know what you're holding." That was Beau McMaster's motto. And with one lucky turn of the cards in a high=stakes poker garme, he found himself on his way to Montana, the new owner of a local ranch and saloon. But he was a Southern gentleman through and through, and he liked his coffee black and his woman bold, just like the new schoolteacher in town. He knew it was only a matter of time before the auburn-haired beauty fell to the charm of the McMasters touch. Miss Abigail Butler intended to keep her cards close to her chest, and not even a honeyed Southern drawl would make her show her hand and spill her secrets. With a reward on her head and Pinkerton agents on her tail, she couldn't afford anything other than anonymity. But the golden-eyed gambler awakened her desires, and with time quickly running out, she found he was only one who could help her turn the Luck of The Draw

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