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Title: Love's Wine by Patricia Hagan

Tags: American-Reconstruction Era,

Published by: Corgi
Release Date: July 15 1985
Pages: 336


She'd sworn vengeance against them all. Every Yankee scoundrel who trod the charred ruins of her once beautiful South -- and Magnolia Hall, the family home she vowed to reclaim.

An encounter with a stranger changed everything. In the secluded beauty of the gentle willows, tender whisperings enchanted her...love's caresses thrilled her with new sensations...searing kisses scorched her lips with a flame that reached the very depth of her soul. And she was lost in the trembling passion of her own desire.

But it had been a cruel deception. Holly had lost her heart to Scott Colter... the Yankee commander! Hurt and humiliated, but determined to rebuild her life, a destitute Holly was at the mercy of her ruthless stepbrother, and callously used to satisfy his evil schemes and desires. Yet the memory of a Yankee commander still haunted all Holly's waking moments -- tormented her nights with longing. And she lived for the dream that she'd again know the ecstasy of his passionate love.

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