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Title: Love's Redemption by Kathleen Fraser

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: January 7 1986
Genre: ,
Pages: 462

Sinful Seduction. A lock of Hilary Pembroke's glorious red hair fell over the strong hand tracing a tantalizing caress along the low bodice of her satin gown. Suddenly Patrick Lyle tightened his powerful embrace, preventing her from pulling away. With feverish desire out of control, she surrendered at last, unable to deny her passion for this rugged Virginian she had resisted so long...

Heavenly Rapture. Patrick had wanted this beautiful English girl as a plaything for one night's enjoyment. Yet her trembling loveliness, the silken flesh about to yield beneath his manly strength, promised a paradise of pleasure no brief encounter could satisfy. And Hilary, fires of passion surging through her blood, was ready to risk her very soul for an ecstasy that was sure to damn her... or deliver her to the sweet salvation of love...

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