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Title: Love Not A Rebel by Heather Graham
Series: North American Woman Trilogy #3

Tags: American-Colonial Era, American-Revolution Era,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: October 1989
Pages: 437


They called her "Highness," ravishing Lady Amanda Sterling, forced to spy on Lord Eric Cameron by the lord governor of Virginia and her evil, ambitious father! She'd detested Eric Cameron on sight. He was a traitor to King and country. Yet she'd been sent to steal his heart, his soul, and his secret plans for the revolution. And now she was his wife, swept into marriage with a man who would sear her with the hellfire of his desire, and make her his prisoner of love.


Lord Eric Cameron turned his back on his family's estates in England to embrace the patriot's cause. He did it quietly--before the fateful shots at Lexington and Concord rang out and his true allegiance became clear by cannon and by sword. But Eric also fought another war--with the glorious Amanda Sterling, the beauty he had married, knowing he could never trust her...but never let her go. Amanda, the woman he had vowed to conquer, the spy he would never surrender, even at the risk of his life...

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