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Title: Love Lights the Way by Michele Ashman Bell
Series: Yesterday's Love #3

Tags: LDS/Christian Love,

Published by: Covenant
Release Date: March 29 2001
Genre: ,
Pages: 344

For Ashlyn Kensington, the happiest day of her life -- the day she would marry the man who had swept her off of her feet -- was a disaster. Left at the altar, Ashlyn is heart broken and is transformed from a bright, confident young woman, to a fearful, insecure recluse.

When her best friend, Cami, offers Ashlyn the chance to spend the summer on the Oregon coast, it seems like the perfect escape. Soon Ashlyn is able to forget about her worries as she finds herself surrounded by new friends. The attention of an attractive stranger, Sebastian Jamison, also helps Ashlyn feel like her old self.

Intrigued by a large, abandoned Victorian home overlooking the ocean, Ashlyn and Cami decide to restore it and turn it into a charming bed and breakfast. But it seems that everything that can go wrong . . . does. First their loan is denied, then there is a devastating fire, and then Sebastian, the one person she thought she could count on, begins acting strangely and disappears.

In Love Lights the Way, Michele Ashman Bell has written an unforgettable novel about a young woman's journey through friendship, mystery, and romanc

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