Last Summer by Theresa Weir

Title: Last Summer by Theresa Weir

Tags: Actor Heroes,

Published by: Bantam
Release Date: January 1 1993
Pages: 303

He spent his lifetime running from his past...

Right from the start Maggie Mayfield knew Johnnie Irish was trouble. The sexy Hollywood star had returned to his hometown of Hope, Texas, to a hero's welcome. But for Maggie the notorious bad boy was nothing but bad news—until she discovered the tragic secret behind his reckless ways, until she found the hidden sweetness in his cynical smile...

She risked her future on the promise of his love...

Johnnie knew he shouldn't have come back, knew he could never forgive this stark desert town for turning its back on a boy just struggling to survive. But all thoughts of revenge faded when he met widowed schoolteacher Maggie Mayfield. Passionate and caring, she seemed to sense the yearning behind his cocky swagger, the pain and loneliness he had tried so hard to escape. Against all reason, Maggie believed in him. And now he had to find the strength to confront his demons—or lose the only woman he could ever love..

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