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Title: King's Pawn by Joanna Makepeace

Tags: England-House Of York Era,

Published by: Mills & Boon
Release Date: August 9 1996
Pages: 288

Cressida Gretton had little use for marriage, but when Richard III ordered her to wed her enemy, Martyn, Earl of Wroxeter, she decided that charm rather than tantrums would be her weapon of choice. Yet no sooner did she meet her betrothed than a tender passion settled in her heart. So she did what she could to incite Martyn's protectiveness, and his wrath, all the while hoping for an admission of love. But as her husband left for battle, Cressida was treading a perilous road herself - did she dare admit her aching love for a man who might never return it...before it was too late?

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