Keeper of the Heart by Johanna Lindsey

Title: Keeper of the Heart by Johanna Lindsey
Series: Ly-San-Ter #2

Tags: Alpha Heroes,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: April 25 2006
Genre: ,
Pages: 412

In search of a true and gentle love, fiery Shanelle Ly-San-Ter flees the lustful advances of the blue-eyed barbarian who has been chosen as her lifemate, confused and frightened by the fevered yearnings the handsome brute has awakened in her innocent soul.

A warrior, virile and magnificent Falon Vanyer is overwhelmed with intense desire for the spirited beauty who has vowed never to be his. And though the heavens themselves conspire against him, he will pursue his sensuous prize, and brave any peril to conquer and claim the keeper of his heart.

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