Just Once by Jill Marie Landis

Title: Just Once by Jill Marie Landis
Series: The Runaways #2

Tags: American-South Era,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: June 1 1997
Pages: 336

Jemma O'Hurley, a spoiled New Orleans debutante of 1816 who, rather than marry the man her father has chosen for her, chooses to run away one dark and stormy night. She prays for a way out and fate brings her in contact with a young woman running for her life who is more than willing to step into Jemma's shoes. Alone on the dangerous streets of New Orleans, Jemma is soon spotted by Hunter Boone, a backwoodsman from Illinois who takes her up the Mississippi where she not only has to cope with Hunter but his hardscrabble life on the frontier and the cast of hard working, kindhearted characters she meets. Adventure, humor and passionate "old school" historical romance fill the pages of JUST ONCE.

Note: this is a re-issue of a classic "old school" style historical romance with explicit love scenes. It was not written for the Inspirational reader.

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