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Title: Irresistible by Catherine Hart

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: February 1 1994

With courage and cunning, Jade Donovan has survived alone in a rugged new land - though her dance hall career has earned her an undeserved reputation as a fallen woman. But now as she travels to Oregon in disreputable company, the stunning Irish songbird's cherished independence is threatened by irresistible desires that beckon her into the arms of a handsome young preacher.

Temptations abound for Matt Richards on a west-going wagon train teeming with shameless soiled doves. For though a man of the cloth, Matt is still a man - and tantalized by the blistering sensuality of a sultry, flame-haired vixen with emerald eyes. She opens his heart, awakening his need with her tender, reckless spirit. And he will risk hellfire itself to taste heaven in Jade's kiss.

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