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Title: Innocent Betrayal by Mary Campisi

Tags: American-Regency Era,

Published by: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: February 7 2012
Pages: 356


Headstrong Emily St. Simon longed to escape the stifling confines of her English noblewoman's life. So, dressed as a boy, she daringly stowed away on a ship bound for America --- unaware that her dreams of independence would soon lead to one dazzling night of passion, a forced marriage, and abandonment by the husband whose unforgettable presence haunted her, night and day.


For dashing sea captain Noah Sandleton, honoring a debt meant keeping away from his beautiful new wife. Yet sensing danger, he devised a secret plan that would bring him back to the woman who had touched the very depths of his soul. Reunited with Emily, he fought to regain her shattered trust and keep her safe from harm, vowing with every kiss, to rescue a love greater than either had ever known.

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