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Title: In My Wildest Dreams by Ellen Tanner Marsh

Tags: France-Napoleonic Era,

Published by: Warner Books
Release Date: February 1 1989
Genre: ,

Fiery-haired Rowena de Bernard had been exiled by Napoleon's conquests from the luxurious French chateau of her birth to the snowy moors of Scotland. Then Captain Tarquin York, a handsome British cavalry officer, took her on a perilous journey back to France, matching her defiant spirit with a will of steel and claiming her heart with the all-consuming heat of his kisses. But Napoleon's armies, maddened with vengeance against the English, would turn their odyssey to the lush vineyards of Southern France into a flight from death. Soon Rowena would be caught up in the fight for freedom that would end at Waterloo. And amid the ravages of war, her innocence would end in flaming desire, and the passion of a woman hungry for everything love can bring.

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