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Title: In A Pirate's Arms by Mary Kingsley

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era.

Published by: Topaz
Release Date: March 1 1996
Pages: 352

They call him the Raven, his black cloak swirling about him like the dark mystery that hides his identity. His pirate ship swoops down on English frigates in tropical seas, and he takes what he wishes. But Miss Rebecca Talbot of Washington, spinster that she is, is either too naive -- or too brave -- to fear him. Taken captive while accompanying her beautiful sister on a voyage to London, tall, green-eyed Rebecca is stunned when the handsome buccaneer winks at her and presses her delicate wrist to his lips. Outwardly proper, but inwardly a little wild, she daringly offers to be the Raven's mistress if he will keep her sister safe. "Yes," he says.

Surprising them both, their sudden desire becomes a storm bound by flesh and spirit neither can control. Together they are floating on a sea of passion. But when the voyage ends, the Raven and his secrets are off to another world, another life, leaving Rebecca's heart still captive... leaving her with dreams of love.

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