His Forbidden Kiss by Margaret Moore

Title: His Forbidden Kiss by Margaret Moore
Series: Restoration #3

Tags: Secret or Mistaken Identity, England-Restoration Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: March 6 2001
Pages: 384

Desperate Needs...
Beautiful orphan Vivienne Burroughs is determined to marry only for love and isn't about to allow her uncle to marry her off for a noble title. But her plans to escape this fate are interrupted by a strong and masterful man walking out of the mist. He alone offers Vivienne salvation from her dilemma...but will not reveal his identity. And when he kisses her Vivienne knows she won't rest until she finds her mystery man.


Desperate Measures...
When Robert Harding sees a young woman teetering on the edge the of the River Thames he is certain she's a step away from plunging to her death. A man who knows what it is to be desperate, Robert has spent his life helping others — but, there was something different about Vivienne. Her captivating beauty is too great a temptation to resist. Honor demands that Robert let her go, even as he knows that Vivienne was made to his bride. But can honor remain strong beneath the heat of a forbidden kiss?

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