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Title: Highland Warrior by Connie Mason

Tags: Highlanders,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: April 1 2007
Pages: 358

The flame-haired virago bearing down on Ross MacKenna was far too shapely to be a seasoned warrior, but she was just as deadly. As she engaged him on the battlefield, Ross knew her for a MacKay, long-time enemies of his clan. What he didn't know was that she would soon be his wife, given to him by her father in a desperate effort to end generations of feuding. The only problem was that of all her family, Gillian MacKay was the least willing to make peace. Whether in bed or out, her fiery temper challenged his mastery while her lush body taunted his masculinity. Both politics and pride demanded that he tame her, but would do it in his way -- with a scorching seduction that would sweep away her defenses and win her heart.

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