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Title: Heart of Texas by Constance O'Banyon

Tags: Wagon Train,

Published by: Montlake Romance
Release Date: August 27 2013
Genre: ,
Pages: 272

If you're wise you'll load up and keep going 'til you're clear of this place."


That was the terse advice of the dangerous-looking stranger who'd helped haul her wagon out of the muddy waters of the Brazos River. But Casey Hamilton had nowhere else to go, no place but the Spanish Spur ranch to make a new home for herself and her little brother and sister. And when none of the local men would work for her, when trouble seemed to dog her steps, she had no choice but to hire the loner with the low-slung guns strapped about his lean hips. She knew he was part Comanche, a man who'd fought his share of battles; was he a gunslinger as well? Was that why the past seemed to haunt him? Either way, his silver eyes held secrets too deep for telling; his warm lips whispered warnings she dared not ignore; and his hard arms promised that in his stirring embrace she would find the true...Heart of Texas.

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