Gray Hawk’s Lady by Karen Kay

Title: Gray Hawk's Lady by Karen Kay
Series: Blackfoot Warriors #1

Tags: Native American Heroes,

Published by: Avon Books
Release Date: August 1 1997
Genre: ,
Pages: 368


A devoted daughter and genteel English lady, Genevieve Rohan proudly joined her father on the frontier to conduct a cultural study of the American Indian--and vows to conclude his work, now that the adventurous Viscount has fallen ill. But when she hires two unscrupulous trappers to capture a member of the elusive Blackfoot tribe, she is shocked when they return with the most magnificent man she has ever seen--a warrior whose intelligence and strength of character force Genevieve to confront her attraction to this native "savage."


Undaunted by his abduction, Gray Hawk's pride demands justice--and so he escapes, taking the meddling foreign miss as his captive. But his anger turns to passion--and his vengeance to desire--as the brave's noble heart is entranced by the beauty and spirit of his flame-haired prisoner. And Gray Hawk knows only one way to soothe the raging fire in his soul: he must claim Genevieve as his woman and forever

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