Hot In Handcuffs Anthology

Allow yourself to imagine the man behind the dark sunglasses. Hear the purr of his zipper as he lowers it, then reaches for the shiny metal hanging from his black leather belt. It's futile to resist arrest. Give yourself up to the fantasy. Besides, he thinks you're so hot in handcuffs...

Arresting Desire - Shayla Black
FBI Agent Jon Bocelli never stopped wanting beautiful professor Lucia DiStefano. She's interested in taking her first lover, and he intends to be that man. When her past puts her life in danger, Jon risks everything to save her and prove this fling is forever.

On Fire - Sylvia Day
When Deputy Marshal Jared Cameron investigates a series of arson attacks in a seaside town, the biggest blast of heat comes from sexy fire inspector Darcy Michaels—until their scorching after-hours affair is compromised by a secret from Darcy’s past.

The Unwilling - Shiloh Walker
Mica Greer and her former lover, ex-FBI agent Colby Mathis, once shared an intimate past and a powerful psychic gift. Now, they’ve been reunited by a bizarre series of murders—and an electrifying passion that could put them both in jeopardy.

A Knight’s Vow by Lynn Kurland, Patricia Potter, Deborah Simmons, Glynnis Campbell

Set during the misty Middle Ages, when brave knights in shining armor rescued fair maidens and chivalry and honor were prized above all things, this quartet of novellas from some of the genre's best-known writers takes the concept of the vow and spins it into four very different yet thematically linked medieval tales.

Lynn Kurland - The Traveller (MacLeod #2.6)(de Piaget/MacLeod #7.5)

A bedraggled knight makes a solemn vow to protect, defend, and rescue any and all maidens in distress - even those from Manhattan...

Patricia Potter - The Minstrel

A vow to marry for love transforms a marquis into a minstrel who must sing for his supper - and for a woman whose heart is true...


Deborah Simmons - The Bachelor Knight

A forgotten vow comes back to haunt the greatest knight in all the land,when a fair maiden asks for hand in marriage...

Glynnis Campbell - The Siege

Trapped underground with his unwilling betrothed, a determined knight vows to free her - body and soul...