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Title: Forget Me Not by Janet Louise Roberts

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Warner Books
Release Date: April 1 1983
Pages: 430

From an Amazon review:
Laura Winfield was being raised by her father in the Alaskan wilderness. Their only neighbors were a Tlingit Indian couple and their daughter, Jade, who was Laura's best friend.

One day, young Laura and Jade rescue the wealthy Koenig brothers from a bear. During the brothers' recovery, Laura becomes close to Thor Koenig while Jade becomes close to the spoiled younger Koenig, Ewan. Olaf Koenig eventually arrives for his sons and Laura and her father establish a good relationship with Olaf and Thor that endures even after the Koenigs leave.

Some time later, Laura's father discovers gold and is promptly murdered. The Koenigs aid her in traveling to her relatives in Boston. Though happy there with high school and her female cousins, she keeps up a correspondence with Thor and longs to return to Alaska.

Upon graduation, she appeals to Thor to help her return to her beloved Alaska. However, life is still difficult even after her return since Ewan and other enemies --- including her father's unknown murderer --- await her there. In trying to meet up with Jade (who has a whole second story happening alongside Laura's) circumstances are such that Thor decides he and Laura must marry and the rocky path to true love follows.

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