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Title: Forever and a Lifetime by Jennifer Horsman

Tags: Kidnapping,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: February 1 1990
Genre: ,

Princess In Distress
Even when a towering, muscular man swept her upon his horse, Lady Nichole Lucretia was certain her Swiss castle was impenetrable. Surely her guards would easily take down her assailant and punish him for his arrogance. But when the laughing kidnapper succeeded in stealing her away, the raven-haired aristocrat was furious. She punched and bit, struggled and kicked...yet even as she tried to escape him, her flesh sensed he was a most magnificent man - the one who would make her feel all woman!

Bold Conquering King
Jonpaul the Terrible was known for his imaginative fighting, his clever strategies--and his tireless lust. And when he learned the Lady Nichole's people were planning to take up arms against his own armies, the handsome daredevil decided to ask her about it himself. But once he had the slender beauty in his arms, Jonpaul didn't want to waste his time with words. All he wanted was to rule her body, her heart and her will, and to dominate her this night and the next, Forever and a Lifetime

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